DIVMUSIC009 “Optik”

Its about time that Diversifiedmusic has more Dubstep to offer. We are very happy to present Aqarus first EP “Optik”. This very nice piece of art is strongly characterized by journeys of bass-lines, dark and slightly creepy atmospheres together with in your face grooves and just the right amount of dub.

DIVERSIFIEDMUSIC 009 Aqarus – Optik (2012)

1) Black Arc Empire (4:58)
2) Ghosts and Beauty (3:26)
3) Time Machine (3:40)
4) Inertia (3:53)
5) Mermaids and Things (3:53)
6) Never Trust Gemini (3:08)
7) Neuronia (5:58)

Much respect and special thanks to :
Sofia Konstantakopoulou for her lovely voice on “Ghosts and Beauty”
Maria Fourountzopoulou for her incredible photography, cover artwork and inspiration! Check out http://jlmaria.tumblr.com for more of Maria’s great artwork.

Download: DIVMUSIC009_Aqarus-Optik.zip

release date: 29 October 2012
CatalogNR: DIVMUSIC009

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