DIVMUSIC007 “Beats Won´t Let Me Chill”

Here it is! Only two weeks ago we announced the new album “Beats Won´t Let Me Chill” by People in the Audience (P.I.T.A.) to be released as DIVMUSIC007. Now listen to this:

If you wanna download the album immediately, you will get a fine tuned 14-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

If you are fast, you still can try to get your hands on the colourful handmade CD, all cut and glued by People in The Audience themselves. Strictly limited to 46 copies worldwide. The CD is vinylesk style (Mos Def would say: black on both sides). Comes with a sticker for free!

release date: 03 December 2011
CatalogNR: DIVMUSIC007
All tracks written, recorded & produced by P.I.T.A and mastered by Trilingo for Diversifiedmusic 2011

Chopped things up with MPC 2000 xl, MPC 2500 & MPC 3000. Two turntables plus one Ecler 360. We just sample from vinyl, cause we keep it raw.

Thanks to:
All people that dig our shit, definitely Trilingo for putting our stuff out, King Katalogas, O.Yes & Fresh-O-Matik, SRP, BackseatBeatz, 2nd Hand Diggers, Remote Controlled Youth, Schwarzmarkt Radio, Roger Linn. Oliver Sandfort for the dope artwork and finally Kamikatze & Senor Motti.

You can buy the limited CD via P.I.T.A. bandcamp website for €5 EUR
ships within 7 days
edition of 30

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