People In The Audience

People In The Audience consists of the two guys that are calling themselves Acid Kalle & Sno. They met in the mid 2000 but did not team until 2010 up to produce dope beats together. Both have an addiction for vintage drum machines and crate digging.

The sound is influenced by Jazz from the late 60´s, Funk and Soul from the 70´s, Hip Hop from the 90´s and Drum and Bass from this millennium and can be best described as sample based instrumental Hip Hop. That doesn’t mean that they are not using a synth from time to time, but sampling vinyl still provides the best feeling for the warm and cracking sound. Nowadays everybody has moved to produce clean and sterile beats with their MacBooks, whereas People in the Audience has remained to show their love for raw beats with that special soul and jazzy touch. People in the Audience keeps shit dope, period.

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2011 – Beats Won´t Let Me Chill | Diversified Music
2011 – Libérer Tous Les Peuples | TBP Records
2011 – Track on TBP Label Sampler Vol.1 | TBP Records
2010 – Donut Jazz Pt.1 | We Keep Shit Dope Records
2010 – Kick of Your Shoes EP | TBP Records
2010 – Track on SRP´s Wonderland | Diversified Music
2010 – Track on Symphony Sounds Beat Tape Vol. 1

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