DIVERSIFIEDMUSIC was founded by Trilingo in 2010. Initially, the label merely served as a platform for the publication of the first One Dub Connection and SRP albums. After a few months, new releases from Trilingo and other productions followed in which Trilingo was involved. Due to the addition of new artists, the music became more diverse. Most productions are electronic in nature, but cannot be narrowed down to one specific genre. This stylistic diversity is therefore also reflected in the concept of the label. By 2013, DIVMUSIC had the first ten releases published under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. This includes, for example, “Sound is Religion” by One Dub Connection, “Beats Won´t Let Me Chill” by People in the Audience and “Optic” by Aqarus. After DIVMUSIC010 the label decided to offer some releases for sale on major download platforms such as Beatport and iTunes, but continues to release free music under the Creative Commons Share Alike license.